Collaborative commission with Martin Campbell of Rag and Bone Workshop. We entered into a competition to design and make the Wee Spanish Mobile Library for Club Soletes, a hispanic playgroup based in the West End of Glasgow. Our proposal was shortlisted, then selected by public vote to go forwards.

A year on from the original Wee Spanish Mobile Library commission, Club Soletes recommissioned myself and Martin Campbell to make a smaller Biciteca which can be taken further afield, to keep up with increasing demand for their storytelling sessions! We were more than happy to rise to the challenge, and we even got to re-use the original cargo bike racks!

Click here to see what's happening with the Biciteca

Commission to design and fabricate around 100 baubles to decorate an event.


I used an iterative prototyping process to develop the four different bauble nets: first drawing them up on graph paper and test-assembling; then drawing them up as digital vectors, printing and test-assembling to further refine the designs.


I sent the vectors to get laser cut, then scored each net with a bone folder and ruler, ready for folding. I cut and tied ribbon loops and then folded and assembled the baubles. All in all a very satisfying job!

Wee Spanish Mobile Library
Folded Geometric Baubles
Tiny Wee Spanish Mobile Library